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2019 Line Up

The Sadies

The cover of The Sadies’ new album is a powerful image of the northern lights made by photographer David Kilabuk in Pangnirtung, Nunavut, a sight few of us will ever get to behold with our own eyes. Yet, the awe-inspiring natural beauty and mystery captured in the photo are an ideal reflection of the music contained within. No further embellishment seems necessary. That’s been the essence of The Sadies’ story ever since the quartet comprised of singer/guitarists Dallas and Travis Good, bassist Sean Dean and drummer Mike Belitsky first exploded onto the North American scene 20 years ago. Back then there was still something called “alt-country,” a catchall for artists striving to carry on traditions with punk rock attitude. The Sadies certainly fit that description.


Bombargo drops a vibrant splash of soul on their funky indie vibes with layers of rock and R&B infused throughout. The band brings an unrivaled energy to the stage with sing along anthems, magical harmonies, and a powerful message that combined; make for one of the most passionate live shows ever! Even billionaire and Virgin Records founder Sir Richard Branson was impressed, quoting: “I haven’t seen this type of energy since The Rolling Stones!”.

Close Talker

Close talker is an indie rock band from Saskatoon, Canada. The band has toured throughout North America and Europe, gaining the attention and praise of notable publications such as NPR, Billboard, Clash, Spin, Q Magazine, and Consequence of Sound. Having recently won alternative artist of the year at the Saskatchewan Music Awards, the band is poised for a breakthrough 2019. Beyond Close Talker’s recordings and videos, the music comes to life with the band’s iconic live show, leaving audiences around the world satisfied, having left all inhibitions behind. The band works tirelessly on evolving every aspect of their craft, which has lead to their strongest and most confident song to date: Half Past Nine.

Roman Clarke

Roman Clarke takes gospel harmony, modern R&B, and the charm of the 1970’s and rolls it all into a flavour that is well-suited to his inherently nostalgic generation. The songs come across with the sort of oblivious cheekiness and optimistic energy that is unique to twenty-somethings. His particular shade of keyboard heavy, groove based pop, blends influences as diverse as Vulfpeck and D’Angelo. What he’s offering doesn’t surface often in the musical landscape of rural Manitoba, and tends to illicit comparisons to a similarly talented multi-instrumentalist prairie-born artist, Remy Shand. Not unlike Remy, Roman is a one person wrecking machine - writing, producing, and playing all of the instruments.

Ellen Froese

Hailing from a dairy farm in the heart of Saskatchewan, young folk singer Ellen Froese is swiftly making her presence known in the Canadian music scene. As a folk artist performing both solo and with her backing band, The Hot Toddies, as well as being a past member of bluegrass/folk group In With The Old, Froese has been balancing multiple projects for the last few years. Terry Pugh of Clark's Crossing Gazette says of Ellen, “[she has] superb songwriting skills, versatile musicianship, and an unforgettably sweet voice”. Whether performing a folk traditional, a rock 'n' roll classic, or the songs she writes, Froese does it with an air of authenticity – all tempered with a healthy dose of humour and self-deprecation. With four albums behind her, Ellen is eagerly anticipating the 2019 release of her first full band album and a European tour. Justin Vilchez joins her on guitar and mandolin for Napatak Ramble..

Eliza Mary Doyle

Sweet as honey and raw as hide.

Over the past 16 years, Eliza Mary Doyle has recorded and released 10 full length albums, and toured Canada, the US, Europe and the UK extensively. This feisty international and award winning Saskatchewan artist has a unique way of captivating audiences around the world with her charismatic performances, stylistic clawhammer banjo playing and sophisticated songwriting. Since playing with The Dead South for the previous 2 years (garnishing her a Juno in 2018), her musicianship has skyrocketed. She is a versatile player, a seasoned performer, teacher, and session musician who brings an authenticity and energy to her music through her unstoppable and ferocious spirit. Be it large concert halls, a small coffee house gatherings, or a garage jams, her love for music, family and friends is always present. Listen to her music, enjoy her energy and share with your friends, the experience is most definitely worth your time.

“Bright, feisty, and fierce and a troubadour of exceptional talent and vision.”

Funky Bus

Always looking for the next groove, Funky Bus aims to get you dancing by playing a mix of funk, soul, motown and R&B style with classic and modern covers. The bus makes regular stops in the La Ronge area and picks up other local musicians looking for a lift to another stop along their funky way.

Piper and Carson

From festival stages to intimate house concerts, Piper and Carson remind us of why we go to see live music. Their songwriting is free and fiercely personal; as if it’s been running in the woods, washing in cold water, and howling with wolves. The couples undeniable chemistry and onstage presence draws the audience into the conversation. Piper’s immersive storytelling provides context and familiarity bringing their original music to life. After first meeting on Carson’s father’s organic vegetable farm, they’ve spent the last four years touring Canada coast-to-coast, showcasing at international Folk Conferences, touring overseas in the Netherlands and to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. In December 2017 they released their first album, ‘Piper & Carson’. Their work is deeply rooted in intention and both strive to use their platform to forward social change and promote mental health awareness. This duo will make you believe that folk music can change the world.

Between Bridges

Between Bridges is a Rock band out of Prince Albert, Saskatoon, and La Ronge. Featuring Travis Beatty roaring on Guitar and Vocals, Riley Burr driving the Bass home, Ben Myo now ALSO killing it on the strings and vocals, and Kolton Kimbley, drummer extraordinaire. Bring an extra pair of socks cause these guys will rock yours right off!

Clam Bakers

Clambakers are three friends who decided to make noise to drown out the sound of the dang loons in the early morning.  Somehow the noise turned into something resembling what some may call music.  If you can't play good, play loud our grandma used to say and we took it to heart.  We're old fashioned, we play our own music even if aint no one want to hear. But we have fun doing it, and hope everyone has fun watching us have fun.

Nathaniel Fisher

I was born in Regina Saskatchewan where I started to learn how to play guitar. Been in many bands throughout the years and developed an itch to perform. I currently live in La Ronge and have been working on my first release which will be out in the summer.

Lip Forest (John Stewart)

Creep Folk - Vancouver Island, Canada. Grown on the Boreal shores by singer songwriter John Stewart, Lip Forest is a rotating collective of artists pushing dark moods and cavernous melodies that will surely warm your soul.
"It's like, Satanic Soft-Rock" - @AaronthePlanner

The Prairie Lilies (Kyle Alex and Scott)

The Prairie Lilies used to be called The Great White Trilliums before they moved from Ontario. They've always dreamed of moving to Nunavut so they could finally be named Purple Saxifrage. These boys make more noise than Orville Redenbacher's barn burning, they're rougher than a corduroy road and are sure to take the cork out of your snorkel!

It's Just Andrea

Andee (Andrea) is a local solo-artist and began performing in 2010. She’s attended shows all around Saskatchewan including the Northern Spirits Showcase and Voices Of The North 2016. Andee practices her traditional culture and loves to bead earrings and makes moccasins & mukluks. She also loves fishing and duck hunting. Andee resides in La Ronge Saskatchewan and continues to share her knowledge of music and traditional teachings with the youth in La Ronge.

Lightning Creek

Take decades of hardscrabble music background, playing everywhere from northern halls that open after the bar closes to biker weddings and New Year’s gigs on the bald prairie at -40 and you will find some of the chemistry that flows in Lightning Creek. Originally coming together to play blues and acoustic country over 30 years ago, forming and reforming bands with and without each other, playing everything from original roots music to grunge and hair band metal, these guys have come back home to what they love –  not necessarily wiser, but definitely well experienced.

Their sound features vocals of both Randy Johns and Greg Jones, and is driven by Johns’ acoustic rhythms and the virtuoso blues harp playing of Jones. All of this is underpinned by the foundation of John Bell’s bass and coloured by Wapun’s stage presence.

Their repertoire takes you on a journey of roots/blues stylings by greats such as John Prine and Johnny Cash, while visiting vivid pictures of Saskatchewan’s physical and emotional landscape through originals that are set against backdrops of wildfire, floods, rolling thunder and frozen lakes.

So, imagine you are invited to a cabin by Lightning Creek. There’s a storm outside, but you’ll stay dry. Sit back and enjoy while these guys play!

James York

James York is from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia originally but has been a northerner since 1982. He’s grown up with music all around him. His youth was filled with memories of kitchen parties. His musical family sparked him to play the guitar. His style ranges from east coast ballads to folk, pop…to modern country sounds…he’s looking forward to playing at the Napatak Ramble, as this will be his third time playing this growing, and expanding festival in beautiful Northern Saskatchewan.

The Laytons

We are not an official band we are simply a family who enjoys many styles of music. We all play various instruments and we love to play music together.


Born out of an unlikely fusion of alien technology and northern evergreens. Hinterland combines ambient textures with hard hitting electronics into a sound that is both relaxing and energizing.  He hopes one day to go on tour and play music for the all woodland critters of the north.

Salt n Sugar

 Imagine four, impressionable young people with exceptional musical talent, people who often get together to play and communicate their ideas, people who know how to put on a good show and overall coordinate themselves for an exciting, passion-filled performance. Now, throw that idea out of the window. These guys are far from perfect, and honestly, a little embarrassing. But hey, we get by. Presenting Elijah Booth on bass, Danielle Brooks on guitar, Donalda Thompson on vocals, and Zoe Bird on drums, this quartet started out in a local music class put on by their music teacher at Churchill Community High School. Since then, we've been playing shows together for about a couple of years now. How our band name came to be is simple; it was a result of a trip to Dairy Queen. Since Donalda's always been the one paying for us, we decided to call her our Sugar Daddy. The rest goes as follows: Zoe's the Sugar Baby, Danielle's the Sugar Acquaintance, and Eli's just Salt. Yeah, just salt. We still haven't found our Sugar Mommy yet, but we're still looking.

Sticks and Bones (Sikorski and Brown)

Sticks & Bones are a rootsy folk/indie duo currently residing in La Ronge, Saskatchewan. Inspired by Canadian, Americana and folk icons, Sticks & Bones use mandolin, acoustic guitars, alternative percussion and shimmering harmonies to offer a fresh and stripped down take of your favourite songs across a variety of genres. Sing along to their unique take on everything from 90’s hits to melodic originals – and everything in between.

Penne Avenue Squash Club

We are Penne Avenue Squash Club and we are from La Ronge, Saskatchewan. On the drums we have the man himself, Tyris Roberts, on vocals/bass/guitar we have the legendary Cole Roy, plucking the ivories we have the gorgeous talented Sam Hallett, and on vocals/bass/guitar we've got the sweet voice of Bronwyn Burr. We are high school students making music, having fun and hoping you enjoy it along the way!

3.14 (Isa and Pike)

3.14159265358979323846... have been making music together since the beginning. Combining the infinite talents of (P) ikaea and (i) sabel Groves, audiences have described Pi's music as "an unending mix of irrational teen angst and soulful, poppy pick-me-ups."  This will be the sister's first performance at the Ramble and they are eternally grateful for the opportunity.  We could go on an on about them, but they'd prefer to let their music do the talking for them.

La Ronge and Area Pow Wow Dancers

The La Ronge and Area Pow Wow Dancers are local pow wow dancers. Some of our dancers have been dancing for many years and others are brand new to pow wow dancing. In 2018 , dancers in La Ronge and surrounding communities gathered to learn more about pow wow dancing. Our dancers come from many backgrounds and ages but they all share a common interest in learning Indigenous dance and traditions.