Napatak Ramble / Line Up

Line up 2018↓    



Friday June 29th, 2018

Doors at 5:oo!

Welcoming Gate:

Hannah Green – 5:45 – 6:00

Nathan Fisher 6:00-6:15

Jacob 6:15 - 6:30

Michael and Brian Project  6:30-7:00 

Dean Linton 7:00-7:15 

Side Stage Highmark Main Stage
   5:55- 6:05 Salt and Sugar

 6:10-6:20 The Land Behind  

   6:25-6:45 The Halletts

 6:50-7:05 Brett Haugen

   7:10-7:30 Sunday Morning Anxiety

 7:30-7:50 The Burrs

   7:50- 8:25 Clambakers

8:30-8:45 Roland Corrigal  

  8:50-9:25 Between Bridges

9:25-9:40 As Above So Below


9:45-10:05 Billy Ray Roy



10:05-11:10 Funky Bus


11:15- 11:30 Late Night DJ Set – DjPrODucer Featuring Phurius Music


11:30 – 12:00 Dj PrOducer


Saturday June 30th, 2018

Doors at 5:00!

Welcoming Gate:

Hannah Green – 5:30-5:45

Jacob Michael – 5:45-6:05

Nathan Fisher – 6:05-6:25

Dean Linton – 6:25-6:45

Rugged Little Thing 6:45:-7:15

Side Stage Highmark Main Stage
5:50 - 6:05 Andrew Jackson  
  6:05-6:15 New Dawn Drum Group
6:15-6:35 Northway Express  
  6:35-7:15 Beach body
7:20-7:50 Michael and Brian Project  
  7:55-8:45 Bombargo
8:45-9:05 Rugged Little Thing  
  9:10-9:55 Dirty Catfish Brass Band
9:55-10:05 Northern Boyz Drumming Group  
  10:10-11:15 Shred Kelly
  11:20-11:40 The Jamble


Shred Kelly


Soaked in electric crescendos and folk tinged sing-along anthems, Shred Kelly is known for their high energy live show that ignites dance floors with their alternative folk sound. Over three albums and countless tours, the five British Columbians have developed their signature sound by taking inspiration from the mountains they hail from and the people who inhabit them. Shred Kelly has seamlessly fused traditional instrumentation with modern rock, presenting a sound that is both unique and compelling.




 Hailing from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, the award winning Bombargo is a moving and grooving goodtime'n toboggan that's been howling down the slope of life leaving festivals, venues, and dance floors stoked and inspired for nearly 3 years. Opening for Michael Franti & Spearhead, Joel Plaskett, One Bad Son; while playing legendary venues like the Horseshoe Tavern; Bombargo brings a vibrant splash of soul to their funky rock sound and inspires their crowds to truly FEEL the music. The Band recieved a boost when pop star "Taylor Swift" shared their song "Mr. No Good" as one of her Favorite songs! With front man Nathan Thoen's passionate conviction, contagious ‘Jagger like’ dance moves, and vivacious enthusiasm, the groups raw energy and talented musicianship brings you a show that will leave you feeling both a little bit brighter and a little bit lighter. Their songs have been shared by the worlds biggest pop star Taylor Swift.


Dirty Catfish Brass Band

Dirty Catfish Brass Band’s aim is to inspire, create and instigate – but, mostly, they just want you on your feet. Undeniably tight, yet reckless as hell, Dirty Catfish Brass Band deals in powerful phrasing and performances drenched with rhythm. Invoking the sounds of the New Orleans brass tradition, the collective dares to reimagine the streets of a prairie city as one that is hot, alive, and brimming with soul. Based in Winnipeg, MB, the crew strives to surprise, challenge, tickle and pay homage to the New Orleans tradition by giving it a new audience in an unsuspecting locale. In true Louisiana tradition, these boys stick to the spontaneity of festivals, alleyway performance and all around late nights. The band doesn’t ask permission to play, and the crowd certainly doesn’t ask them to stop.


Rugged Little Thing


Saskatoon's Rugged Little Thing blends together a perfect cocktail of Old Time, Bluegrass, and Folk Music that feels like home. Born out of kitchen jams and late nights by campfires in Canada's north, these two have fallen into sweet harmonies and catchy rhythms that are sure to get your toes tapping.


Beach Body


Beach Body originated as a solo basement recording project of vocalist/guitarist Rory Copithorn. Long time pals Ian Patterson (bass) and Gaelan Malloy (drums) joined in the summer of 2017 after the trio ran into each other whilst working on their fitness at the local gym.  The trio are often accompanied by Sean McCannell (guitar) and Jon Neher (keys).


Northern Boyz Drumming Group


Northern Boyz Drum Group Started off with a few Boys named Asa, Troy, Ricky Sr. and Ricky Jr. We Started a Drum group to re-introduce the lost teachings of the drum. The Nothern Boyz are located in Stanley Mission Saskatchewan, North of La Ronge. Our goal is to show others our lost culture of the drum, the music of the round dance and powwow singing. And to see if there are other's interested.


Funky Bus


Always looking for the next groove, Funky Bus aims to get you dancing by playing a mix of funk, soul, motown and R&B style with classic and modern covers. The rhythm section, made up of Kyle, Colin, Mike, and Riley is the core of Funky Bus and keeps the wheels going 'round. The bus also picks up local musicians looking for a lift to another stop along their funky way. For the 2018 Napatak Ramble, we've installed a horn line and some shiny new vocalists to bring you a special edition "double-decker" Funky Bus.


Roland Corrigal


Roland Corrigal's life has been steeped in live country music from the beginning. It is no surprise that he upheld this tradition throughout his life playing with his family and various other bands. After receiving his first Saskatchewan Country Music Association award in 2016, Roland has performed at concerts and festivals across Canada and wrapped up his EP Small Town Life (produced by Rich McFarlane of Mosaic Music). He also released a radio single called “I Don’t Wanna Fight No More” that is getting airplay across the country and beyond. Along with another SCMA award win in 2017 for "Aboriginal Artist of the Year" he was nominated for “Emerging Artist” and “Album of the Year”. After working with Canadian Country Music Association award-winning producer Bart McKay on this release he plans on working on new music.


Phurius Musik


Phurius Musik started his career early August of 2017. He’s created many platforms of promotions, and he’s changed a few minds about hip hop along the way. He has his music played across 42 syndicated FM stations across the states and a few more stations across the world. He is also the owner of Circle Of Savages which is a Brand, Charity, and an Entertainment company. We are about positive moves and because the COS was built on a basis of family, we hope to make changes in every community we can. “The “Circle” is our network across the world, “Savage” is how we feel about our work, whether it’s music, graphic design, modelling or more! Help us keep growing by Rocking the COS (cause)!”


Billy Ray Roy


Born in The Pas, Manitoba in 1991 I quickly moved to La Ronge at the age of 2. Music is something that has been involved and surrounded at a young age. My father Randy Nabess was already all over the Western Canada music scene before I was born. I started singing at a very young age from listening to The Police and other 80s rock bands. I started guitar and singing when I was 11. After progressing I started writing and recording myself at home, experimenting with other instruments and improving my timing and musical structure. I have done a bit of hip hop as well as playing in a heavy metal band called "Capitoline Escape", we took 3rd place at bands wars on Broadway Saskatoon. I've played all over Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and parts of Alberta. At the age of 26 I have been on hiatus for the past 4 years but I'm ready to make music apart of my life again and play full time. The Napatak Ramble is a great way to share some of my work with my home community and I'm thankful for the opportunity. "


New Dawn Drum Group


We are a drum group of First Nations sisters, the daughters of Happy Charles of whom we are still searching for and raising funds for our search. We began our spiritual and singing journey in 2007 and created the drum group shortly after. We grew up in various parts of Saskatchewan through the foster care system where we endured hardships. Thankfully, our grandparents brought us into their homes and began teaching us the traditional ways. In our journey we have learned to heal, grow, love, respect and forgive.


Between Bridges


Between Bridges is a rock trio out of Prince Albert and La Ronge,Saskatchewan. Travis Beatty roaring on Guitar and Vocals, Riley Burr driving the Bass home, and of course the incomparable Kolton Kimbley, drummer extraordinaire. All set with new, old, and just plain rocking tunes, good times are guaranteed!


Nathan Fisher

I was born in Regina Saskatchewan where I started to learn how to play guitar. Been in many bands throughout the years and developed an itch to perform. I currently live in La Ronge and have been working on my first release which will be out in the summer.



Plump men from a plump planet.


Brett Haugen

Formerly of the 80's cover band "the Shitz", a band name change became necessary after being invited to play at The Children's Festival in beautiful down town LaRonge. The new band name "Better Than Nothing" had the same meaning and was more child friendly. The band went strong for years playing dances, birthday parties, block party and retirement parties. Unfortunately due to the drummers incredible fertility he was unable to continue and now the band has been on hiatus for the past 4 years while he continues to look after his offspring. Now, it’s just me and my acoustic.


The Burrs

Jim and Tabitha met in college through performing together. Jim, who had been playing guitar and singing since the age of 14, asked Tabitha to join him as a vocalist in a band that he was putting together. Tabitha had grown up in a musical family, sung since she was 3 and played the piano. They've made music together since.

Through every stage of their lives together, they have enjoyed performing music as a couple in various venues. Most recently they were with The Roaring Borealis where Jim picked up the upright bass, he and Tabitha contributed vocal harmonies and she sometimes sang lead. As their family grew, they naturally instilled a love of music in their children, Riley (nearly 20) and Bronwyn (16).

Riley began on the drums at age 8 and, since picking up the guitar at age 15, has become proficient on many other instruments with bass becoming his passion. He is a member of Between Bridges as well as Funky Bus. When not in college or working as a DJ, he works in his home studio, composing and producing both original and collaborative music under the name Pine Trail.

Bronwyn, also a DJ, has been passionate about singing since the time that she could talk and has written songs from the time she could write. She began playing ukulele in grade nine and by the end of the year had taught herself how to play guitar. Her compositions now showcase beautiful finger picked chord progressions intimately suited to her unique and haunting vocals and lyrics.


The Halletts

Josh and Dara and their family live in beautiful, northern Saskatchewan. Their sons are Sam 15, Josiah 13, and Luke 11. Both Josh and Dara work in the community of La Ronge and have raised their boys in a number of northern locations including Hudson Bay, Pelican Narrows, Buffalo Narrows, Big River, Southend and most recently, La Ronge.

For the Hallett family, music is a way of life. Their boys have been raised learning instruments and singing as a family and on their own. The love of music has allowed them to participate in many festivals, local events, and lead music for their local church and summer camps.

The family enjoy doing covers of favourite tunes as well as working on original compositions. Their music will make you smile, tap your feet, and get out your old guitar again!


The Land Behind Band


Formed as an experiment to channel the voices of trees using midi cables, The Land Behind features lush electronics and otherworldly sequences tied together with vibrant lyrical imagery.


As Above So Below


For a long while, I’ve been searching for my place in the universe… Alas, I’ve been here all along!


Andrew Jackson


When Andrew Jackson was eight, he started making music. What started with humming original tunes and experimenting with guitar grew into composing songs at the age of 16. When he was a teen, he received guitar lessons from David Clyde, an old bandmate of Van Morrison's. Andrew is also classically trained in voice and has toured with a small college choir. These days, he writes music that speaks on the nostalgia of family, the questions of youth, and the strivings of love. Amongst his influences are U2, Neil Young, and Hammock.


DJ prODucer


My passion for electronic music began back in the early 90s when I first heard an example of Detroit techno. The sound of legends such as Jeff Mills, Carl Craig and Derrick May opened my mind to the world of machine music. Over the years I dabbled in all genres enjoying everything from house, drum n bass to trance and techno. As I have grown my musical tastes have meandered through all types of music. But the love of the incessant beat created by a 909 will always be my first love. Presently I enjoy mixing tech house, indie dance/nu disco and melodic techno, all of which I like to incorporate into each set I play. I’ve always believed that music is the universal language and in life it truly is all about the dance.


Hannah Green

My name is Hannah (as you may already know) and I enjoy many forms of art, with music perhaps being the one I enjoy the most. I am 17 and will be graduating this coming June. I look up to many people in my life and I aspire to be as skilled, or even as tall as them someday. I am very much fine with the height I am now - about 1 and a half yardsticks. I enjoy the benefits of being short - like children's discounts, but there are some disadvantages, like not being able to reach the top shelf or being over-looked.


Michael and Brian Project

Along with many evolving musical friendships, as inspirational singer-songwriters, Michael Simon and Brian Paul Di Giuseppe offer a dynamic synergy of traditional and original compositions, with gratitude and respect for all kinds of folk music and poetry. Individually and now together, Michael and Brian have presented story-telling, poetry and live music in various venues and settings throughout Canada. Since their first meeting at the Saskatoon Farmers' Market in 2016, they have continued to realize meaningful collaboration and great connection.

Michael Simon's connection to music was strong from an early age. His biggest influences are John Lennon, Dylan, Lightfoot, Neil Young, Buffy Saint Marie, Kashtin and Woody Guthrie. His own songs are in this folk tradition: that of raising awareness about current political, environmental and social issues while holding space for personal life stories, insight ~ and love!

Ever since his birth in Toronto, Ontario (through St. Michael's Hospital) Brian has been winging life as a self-guided artist now primarily based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan since 2005. Brian celebrates connection and practice with city and country in relationship with many groups of friends that share the universal joy and healing benefits of the arts of the heart - such as singing, drumming, dancing, story-telling, poetry, yoga and meditation - all that as a fellow student practitioner of holistic and co-creative living, with a whole lot of humility and serious fun of source!


Northway Express

I (Wayne Tchorzzewski) asked Jim Burr if he knew of anyone that would be interested in getting together to do some tunes for the Ramble, he contacted Jim MacEarchern . Riley Burr also joined up, we got together, it worked nice and are now we're a band.


Sunday Morning Anxiety


Our band is a group of teenagers with one thing in common- our love for good music that rejuvenates the soul. We believe that music is done best when it comes from not one background, but many. All of us are different in our own ways, but it definitely adds to our sound and makes jamming super fun.


Salt and Sugar

Photo coming soon


Few friends from school who decided to make a band. We created our name by making fun of each other at DQ and let’s just leave that there.


Dean Linton

I was born in Scotland, and grew up in Brandon Manitoba. In the 90’s I was a front man for a band in Winnipeg for a number of years. Over the past few years folk and folk rock music has been the music I relate to the most. To me, the story within the song is as important as the music around it.


Jacob Michael


Originally hailing from Central Canada, Jacob Michael has traveled and lived across Western Canada for more than 15 years, looking for a place to call home. Currently living in the Northern Saskatchewan community of La Ronge, Jacob is a multi-instrumentalist, song writer, husband and father of
four. While not playing music, Jacob can be found reading, hiking, building furniture projects, and designing and building guitar pedals.